Special machines



Proxima P-4-X-PC-2S
- 3D-Interpolation
- Position accuracy 0,1mm
- Movement speed up to 250 mm/s
- Axis workload up to 8 kg
- 12 Inputs, 12 Outputs triggered by interface card
- Programming in menu guided software with"Teach In"
- Working range (x)300 mm, (y)360 mm, (z)100 mm
- Size (W)980 mm, (D)780 mm, (H)640 mm
More working ranges available by request
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Proxima - 1-axis-linear-system for hot glue

- Travel lenght (x)300 mm,
- Positioning accuracy 0,1 mm
- Movement speed up to 200 mm/s
- Axis workload up to 3 kg
- 4 Inputs, 4 Outputs

Settings for up to  programs:
- Travel length
- Movement speed
- Dispensing interval
- 3 dispensing positions

Art.No. 0801
Size: (L)1000x (W)800 x (H)1000 mm
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Art.Nr. 0802
Size: (L)1000x (W)700 x (H)1000 mm


Proxima - 1-axis-linear system

- Travel length (x)3000 mm, (z)40 mm pneumatical
- Postion accuracy 0,1 mm
- Movement speed up to 250 mm/s
- Axis workload up to 4 kg
- 4 Inputs, 4 Outputs
- Settings: Travel length, movement speed, ramp
- Size: (L)3500 x (W)400 x (H)920 mm
- Working table 3300 x 375 x 20mm made of aluminium double T-section profiles

- Substructure with with adjustable feet or with  castors
- Control via controller.
- More working ranges available by request
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Proxima - 1-axis-integration system

- 1-axis controlling with linear axis in different lengths.
- Easy programming
- Travel length: possible from 280 mm in 60 mm-grid
- Drive: 5-phases-step-motor
- 12 Inputs/12 Outputs
- Axis workload up to 5 kg
- Movement speed 0 - 500 mm/s
- Accuracy 0,1 mm
- Size:
L: Travel length + 210 mm, W: 120 mm, H: 80 mm
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Special machines for automatical dispensing of adhesives and sealing materials.
Freely programmable for dispensing of dots, lines, arcs and combinations with external PC.
Controlled by USB-connection.

Special machines like Proxima-series are conceptioned according customers request and build with requested size and working ranges.
Therefor axis-systems of 1- to 4 axes can be realised.

- Light barriers

- Security doors

- Needle sensor

- Z-Height-sensor

- Purging unit

- Camera systems etc.


0950 Rounder V

- Adjustment of different paramters.
- Automatical triggering of dispensing valve.
- Circle-end can be exceeded.
- Pneumatical retreat in Z of 100 mm
- Parts diameter to max: 140 mm
- 2-Ph-step motor with gear
- Material pressure up to max. 6 bar
- Suitable for different dispensing valves.
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The parts beeing dispensed are placed vertically into the Rounder.
The movement of the z-axis to the top with a pneumatical cylinder makes inserting parts easier.
Adjustment of machine by 3 joint pieces.
Adjustment of rotation speed, of exceeding way etc. is set by controller.
Started by 2-Hand-button trigger.

Lift stand for dispensing valves

2450 Lift stand dispensing valves

- Parameter settings by controller
- Automatical triggering of dispensing valve
- Pneumatical retreat in Z: 100 mm
- Start by 2-Hand push-buttons
- Movement speed of Z-lift adjustable with set-screw
- Pneumatical pressure max. 6 bar
- Weight ca. 50 kg
- Size (W) 875mm (D) 500mm (H) 980 mm
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Automatical, vertical application of adhesives and sealing materials.
The parts beeing dispensed are slotted vertically and
dispensed with installed dispensing valve.

The Z-axis with installed valve moves up and down for 100 mm.
Protective pane at front is mounted at Z-axis.
Suitable for dispensing valves with max. 5 kg.
Started by 2-Hand-button trigger.

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