Dispensmove 3D / 4D -
Universally usable system

Proxima -
Especially made for customers demands

Electro valves -
Precise dispensing in 2K

Gear pumps -
Dispensing with highest viscosity

Dispenser -
Application with eccentric screw

Emptying systems



Dispensing systems



Emptying systems

Dispensing Accessory

About us

axiss GmbH Dosiertechnik from Baden-Württemberg is a long-standing manufacturer of customized volumetric disoensing machines and dispensing valves for the automatic and precise application of liquids, pastes, adhesives and sealants as dots, lines, arcs and their combinations.

Our company founded in 1999 in Keltern-Dietlingen near Pforzheim is conveniently located on the A8 between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe.

We are a certified company according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 in the development, production and distribution of axis- and dispensing systems, dispensing valves and emptying systems for the automatic application of liquid media, such as eg. Glues, silicones, greases, hot glue etc.

The coordinated components of our axiss dispensing systems are versatile in their application and can be extended or replaced as required.
Our product range includes both dispensing machines as stand-alone products as well as the individual dispensing components such as dispensing valves for volume and time-controlled application, sensors, USB interfaces for machine control, gear pumps and eccentric screws, which are also suitable for very viscous or abrasive media.


Contact us!

We are glad to assist you with our know-how in the development and implementation of your dispensing technology projects - we are your competent partner for dispensing systems, dispensing valves and emtying systems for the automatic application of liquid and pasty media.

Contact us now without obligation.
Phone. +49 (0)7236-981401      Email info@axiss.de

New at axiss GmbH

4065 E-Cartridge valve for Semco-Cartridges

Electrical cartridge-valve for
90 ml and 180 ml SEMCO-cartridges.
Electrical drive via spindle 10 x 2 mm
With a controller, dispensing volume,
dispensing speed and other parameters
can be set.

- Suitable for 90 ml and 180 ml SEMCO-cartridges
- Dispensing accuracy +/- 0,05 ml (Material depending)
- Dispensing volume 0,1 - 2 ml/s
- Size ca: 575 x 80 x 80 mm
- Weight ca. 3 kg

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