Emptying systems

Emptying systems


Extrusion of liquid and pasty media from Semco cartridges

Info - Emptying system Semco-Cartridges

Pneumatical emptying systems for Semco cartridges 180-900 ml.
With swing-out mechnism for replacing cartridges.

Dispensing by snap-in hand lever valve.
Altering at manometer alters air pressure and therefor the flow-rate.

Connection for dispensing valves e.g. Dispenser via material tube.

Double emptying systems for Semco-Cartridges

Double extrusion units for liquid and pasty media out of Semco-Cartridges

Info - Double emptying systems Semco-Cartridges

Double, pneumatical emptying system for two Semco cartridges 180 - 900 ml
With swing-out mechanism for replacing cartridges.

With material-switch, Reset-buttons and controller, the cartridges will be released and emptied in interactive way.
Therefor a steady material charging of dispensing valves e.g. Dispenser etc. is possible.

Connection to dispensing valves via material tube.


Extrusion of liquid and pasty media out of Euro-Cartridges.

Cartridge container Euro 310 ml

9010 Emptying system Euro 310 ml

Extrusion from cartridge Euro 310 ml

9011 Euro 310 ml with piston

Cartridge container Euro 310 ml

9012 Euro 310 ml

Extrusion of Euro-Cartridges 310 ml

9116 Emptying system Euro 310 ml


Cartridge pressure container for dispensing out of Euro-cartridges 310 ml.
Pressurization directly takes place by cartridge plug or by integrated pneumatical piston.
Maximum pressurization is about 6 bar.

- Magnetic limit sensor Art.No. 9020-9999
- Levelsensor Art.No. 7002-0004 (at pneumatical piston)
- 2-Way-all valve for ventilation of cartridge Art.No. 5012

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Material pressure container

Material pressure container for bigger containers

9060 Material pressure container

Material pressure container with agitator for bigger containers

9061 Material pressure container

Info - Material pressure container

Material pressure container, galvanized.
With standpipe, Material outlet at top
Inclusively pressure regulation and manometer.

Available with and without agitator.


Art.No. 9060-0004: 4 Liter volume
Art.No. 9060-0008: 8 Liter volume
Art.No. 9060-0012: 12 Liter volume
Art.No. 9060-0024: 24 Liter volume

Diverse emptying systems

Cartridge extrusion 1000 ml

9115 Emptying system 1000 ml

Extrsion out of grease cartridges 400 ml

9040 Emptying system Grease 400 ml

Extrusion out of material tubes

9050 Emptying system tube

Cartridge pressure container 1000 ml

9013 Material cartridges 1000 ml

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