0002 DiSoft-Software

- Software with Windows 7/ Windows 10
- Setting of complete coordinate-system-sets
- Automatical purging per time-interval
- Displaying of dispensing program as 2D-Graphics
- Integration of e.g. needle-sensor, camera, parts recognition etc.
- Multiple coordinate-systems within one single program is possible
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Menu guided software for Windows 7/ Windows 10.

Freely programmable for dispensing dots, arcs, lines and combinations with "Teach-In" or by keyboard.
Programming of 12 In-/ 12 Outputs, loops, conditions incl. programming of different dispensing parameters.

Settings of different, independant coodinate systems are possible.
Shifting of complete coodinate systems is possible.

Available integration of camera-systems for "Teach"-help and quality checking.



This Interface card enables the connection of 12 inputs and 12 outputs at terminals.
Thereby the voltage supply for e.g. individual sensors is already established.
All in- and outputs displayed via LEDs.
Suitable for installation into an electric cabinet.


1700 Interface-card IFK-12

- DIN rail installation
- 12 Inputs 24V, display via LED
- 12 Outputs via relay, selectable NC/NO contact or potentialfree
- Terminals for power supply 24V und GND
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1701 Interface-card IFK-12-GH

- Switch box (W)260 x (H)180 x (D)90 mm
- 12 Inputs 24V, Display with LED
- 12 Outputs via relay, selectable NC / NO contact.
- Clamps for voltage supply 24V
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1703 Interface-card IFK-12 casing security-circuit

- Electric cabinet (W)260 x (H)180 x (D)90 mm
- 12 Inputs 24V, display via LEDs
- 12 Outputs via relay, selectable NC / NO contact.
- Terminals for power supply, 24V
- Safety circuit for external connection of controls such as e.g. light barriers,
doors, emergency-stop
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Weighing scale

2600 Weighing scale

"Kern" Weighing scale, integrated in axis-system.
Before executing a weighing process, the scale is tared. The weighing result is automatically send to
"DiSoft"-Software and displayed on monitor.

The dispensing volume can be checked with a pre-set min./max value of I.O or N.I.O
Only with result I.O., the dispensing program can be started afterwards.
Date, time, weight, I.O./N.I.O is saved in a file *.t at PC.

Weighing range: 0 - 250g
Resolution d = 0,001g
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Check of a dispensing volume with digitale scale, integrated in machine. 
Transfer of quantity check to dispensing software.

Camera system

1201 Camera system

- Resolution: 1280 x 1024 /SXGA
- Sensor: CMOS
- Frame rate (fps): 25
- Interface: USB 2.0
- Transfer rate: 480 Mbps
- Camera size: 30 x 30,5 x 33 mm
- Overall size with light-ring: Customer-specific
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USB-Camera system NET iCube for quality-check and/or "Teach"-device for installing dispensing valves
at work piece.
Intergrated LED light-ring for better illumination of monitored area.

2D Code-scanner

7026 2D Code-Scanner

- CMOS image sensor
- Resolution: 838 x 640 pixels
- Red LED
- Interface: Serial, Keyboad-interface
- USB 1.1
- Compatible for Windows 7/10
- Size:161x86x71 mm
- Weight: ca. 150 g
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Keyence 2D-Code hand scanner.
Readout of several parameters as e.g. component numbers, material- and batch numbers in dispensing process.
Evaluated cvs. data are saved at PC with dispensing software "DiSoft".
Delivery with holder and USB data cable.

Needle sensor

1523 Needle sensor

- Size: 60 x 60 x 34 mm
- Operating voltage 12…30V DC
- Load current max. 200 mA each outlet, short circuit proof
- Outlet 2xPNP-NO
- Optical Feedback LED Yellow
- Voltage drop max. 2,5 V each outlet at 200 mA
- Current consumption max. 50 mA
- Operating temperature -10...+50°C
- IP protection degree IP65
- Laser send light redlight, 650 nm, class 2
- Switching frequency 1 kHz
- Resolution 0,2 mm
- Reproducibility 0,01 mm
- Casing material Aluminium (AL)
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Automatical measuring of a dipensing needle in x, y, z via optical sensors.
After measuring, "DiSoft"-software executes an offset-correction.

Other accessory


Diverse accessory for machines and dispensing valves.


2500 Purging unit

The unit contains a holder and purging cup with 100ml content.
Adhesion of cup by magnetic holder.
If the dispensing needle is stripped off at cups rim, the container automatically rotates of 3,6°.
A signal " Container full" or "Container not found" is displayed.

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Art. No. 2510 Purging unit with needle-sensor
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1741 USB-Interface machine-PC 

USB-Interface for connecting a Dispensmove machine with PC.

- Size: 165 x 105 x 60 mm
- Groundplate size: 165 x 130 mm
- Casing made of aluminium
- 64-pole connector for machine cable
- USB-cable length ca. 160 cm
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1540 Handheld controller

With a hand-held controller you can operate machine-systems manually and is set as optional part of an already exisiting dispensing system.
With a 9-pole Sub-D-socket the device can be connected to an emergency-shutdown-circuit.
Emergency shutdown then is triggerd by the integrated
kill-switch of the device or by releasing the push-to-run-button.

- Plastic casing
- Size ca. 160 x 85 x 68 mm
- Push-to-run button for setup mode of machine
- Connection for external emergency-switch by 9-pole Sub-D socket.
- USB-connection to PC.
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9301 Melting station cartridges 30 ml

Unit for heating up metal-cartridges with 30 ml content.
Melting of granulate material within cartridge up to 200C°.
The internal temperture regulator is controlled by temperature sensor PT100.
Entering of actual and index value.

- Size: ca. 120 x 80 x 120 mm
- 240V power supply with 3-pole power plug
- Temperature regulation up to 200°C
- Heat protection by PEEK
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5030 Needle heating

The needle heating consists of a heating unit, that is mounted by LuerLock in front of the neelde.
Only the material to be dispensed is to be heated up, not the whole dispensing material (Material protecting)
Adjusting temperature by setting an index value at controller.
Displaying of acutal and index temperature value.
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4381 Lock valve for 2K-valves

It´s frequently happening that a very low viscous media is dripping after dispensing.
This is safely prevented by 2C-Lock-valve.
The inner one-way-cock is easily withdrawable and can be replaced as needed.

- Casing made of POM
- 2-phases-step motor 24V
- 5020-0001 one-way-cock LuerLock (expandable part)
- Covering removeable with two screws
- Inclusively holder
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Art. No. 4382 Lock-valve with union nut

1311 Swivel-Rotation axis

Automatical dispensing of adhesives and sealing materials.
Programmable with DiSoft or by external controller.
Circular dispensing of liquid media in 359°.
Valve holder loadable up to 2 kg, optionally exchangable.

- Positioning accuracy 0,18°
- Movement speed 1/4 rot./s
- Pneumatical swivelling of 0° and ca. 30°
- Holder workload up to 2 kg
- Triggering via Dispensmove as 4th. axis
- Working range 0 - 359°
- Size 362 mm x 113mm x 88 mm (L/W/D)
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2350 Aufnahme_3-Ventile

2350 axis slot 3-part

3-part slot for mounting at Z-axis.
Separately controlled by DiSoft-Software.
Offset of dispensing position by needle measuring and/or installed Z-heights sensor.
In total three valves and a Z-heights sensor can be installed.

- Positioning accuracy in X und Y =0,1 mm, in Z = 0,05 mm
- Movement speed 400 mm/s
- Holder load per slot ca. 1kg
- Suitable for smaller valves such as needle-dispensing valve, Dispenser 0,14ml or cartridge valve 0,3ml.
- 1 dispensing valve can be triggered as 4th axis by Dispensmove. Additionally installed valves are controlled by
pressure-air or external controller.
- Z-heights-sensor can be installed additionally
- Size 362 x 113 mm x 88 mm (L/W/D)
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