2K dosing with (2K) electro-valves for applicating two-component media.

2K-dispensing for application of 2K-media

4042 V-2K-DUO-E50

2K-dispensing for application of 2K-media

4050 V-2K-DUO-E200

2K-dispensing for application of 2K-media

4087 V-2K-DUO-E400

2K-media dispensing with electro-valve axiss GmbH

4089 V-2K-DUO-E400

Elektro-valve for dispensing out of 1 ml cartridges

4029 V-E1

Dispensing out of 1ml-cartridges axiss GmbH

4032 1K/2K-Electro-valve

Info - 2K dosing with 2K-Electro-valves

Our Electro-valve as a 2K dispenser-head is highly suitable for electronically precise dosing of two-components media out of 2K-double cartridges  - the problems of pneumatically controlled valves are avoided that can´t achieve the precision of step-motors.

The media of those double-cartridges are mixed in a static mixing tube according of relevant ratios.
The geometry of the double cartridges hereby determines the mixing ratio.
By now the cartridges are offered in mixing ratios of 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 und 1:10, where the special size (e.g. 50 ml) only can be dosed with the according valve (here Art.No. 4042 E50).

By using 2-component cartridges you can avoid the partly problematic handling of certain media that hardening time after mixing can be situated in a few minutes only.

2K-Electro-valves with heating circuits

2K application with (2K) electro-valves and heating circuits for dosing two-component media.

2K-dispensing of heatable media

4054 E200 heating circuit

4086 2K-Elektroventil Heizung

Info - 2K application with 2K-Electro-valves heating circuit

Electronically controlled dosing out of 2K double-cartridges for materials that can be heated to allow or increase processing capabilities.

2K-Electro-valves with absolute way-meter-system

2K application with (2K) electro-valves and absolute position measuring system.

2K-dispensing for application of 2K-media

4088 V-2K-DUO-E400 WMS

Info - 2K-Electro valve with absolute way-meter-system

- Duo cartridge size: 400 ml
- Dosing accuracy: +/- 0.4 ml (depending on material)
- Dosing volume: 0.4 - 2 ml / s
- Mixing ratios 1: 1/1: 2/1: 4 / 1:10
- Weight: about 5 kg
- Max. Viscosity: 120,000 mPas
- The absolute position measuring system permanently outputs the current piston position.

2K-Gear pump

2K application with (2K) gear pump for dosing of two component media.

Info - 2K gear pump

The deployment of a 2K-gear pump is useful for all operations you have to applicate 2K-media out of 400 ml DUO-cartridges with high volume accuracy.
Two separate gear pumps are operated with a single motor by connection shaft.
The mixing ratio is determined by pump volume, so there are three mixing ratios possible.
The discharging of the pump can be set.
The pre-set volume will be dosed, then the gear pump is automatically stopped.
It also can be switched on and off with an external push-button.

2K-Volume dispensing

2K application with (2K) volume dispenser for dosing of low to high viscosity media
(Liquids, pastes, adhesives, sealants ...)

DUO-Dispenser 2K-dispensing of liquids, pastes, adhesives and sealants

4031 DUO-Dispenser

Info - 2K-DUO Dispenser

Volume application of low to high viscous media by eccentric screw.
Material protecting charging with a volume accuracy of ca. 1%
Suitable for dosing of UV-media, silicones, glues, greases but even abrasive media.

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